Have you heard about podiatry? Podiatry treatment is a type of treatment that deals with the health of feet. To make sure that your feet are in great shape, it is important to seek the services of a podiatrist for reliable treatment. Here are important reasons to visit a podiatrist.

Personalized Foot Treatment

There is often a big difference between having a pedicure at your local nail bar and one carried out by a Orthotic Solutions Podiatry podiatrist, including the equipment used, the skills incorporated, and the level of hygiene that is adhered to.

While it is true that a beautician may well be able to take a superficial look at something like a corn or callous, she may have neither the equipment nor the specialist training to deal with it properly.


Because these are medical procedures, the staff adheres to high levels of hygiene which means that all equipment is either properly sterilized and patients are not put at risk from cross infections. Rather than simply a cosmetic treat, a visit to the chiropodist is a semi medical procedure that is carried out by medically qualified staff who knows exactly what they are doing.

Prevent More Serious Foot Problems

While some people take it for granted that we can care for the skin on the feet, others find it more difficult due to several factors such as age, physical or medical conditions and need a professional who not only has the needed expertise but is aware also of the different problem signs to watch out for.

For instance, a foot care specialist can also take a look at your existing footwear, and recommend better choices that will not just improve your everyday comfort but also prevent more serious problems to happen.

Additionally, a podiatrist will be able to give you valuable insights about your foot care. These doctor don’t only provide treatments to keep the feet healthy, but they can also detect possible problems that may develop into life changing conditions when left untreated.

A professional foot care specialist will be able to assess whether you would benefit from seeing a podiatrist who has a special interest in lower limb and foot problems. These problems can include areas such as orthotics (shoe inserts) and musculoskeletal and biomechanical issues that can affect your gait and balance.

Maintain Overall Foot Health

Visiting your podiatrist is a good way of maintaining the overall health of the feet. The feet are susceptible to all types of illness and disorders that are likely to affect movement and overall health. For instance, there is a disease that affects the feet like athletes foot, and they need to be addressed early enough before they cause any trouble.

Orthotic Solutions Podiatry is happy to welcome patients who seek treatment for their foot health problems. If you are in Sydney and you’re looking for a reliable and experienced foot health and care expert, Podiatrist Randwick by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry would be glad to help you.