When you are looking for information on sports betting, either through tipsters recommended by certain bookmakers or on your own, you should first know that Sportium offers you an infinity of sports events, and within them, the famous markets, where you will find a huge amount of bets that will offer you multiple opportunities for your strategy. Among all these, we find one of the most successful among the most expert: the combined bets , which are those in which you make several predictions , so you have to guess all of them if you want to win the bet.

If it is not clear to you with this brief description what a combined bet is , patience, we will give you some examples throughout this post so that it is as clear as possible.

Differences Between Single Bet And Combined Bet

When you start to have fun with free bets,, you will find two main types of bets: single bets and combined bets . In the first case, only one selection is involved , and to make it clear, we are going to give you an example of tennis bets . Suppose we bet that Rafa Nadal wins in a Grand Slam match. If the manacorí surpasses the rival you win your bet. Easy, isn’t it? 

However, more than one team is involved in the combined bet , so, adding an example of combined football bets , suppose that we bet on a draw in a Brazil-Argentina national team, and that Rafa Nadal wins the tennis match to which we referred previously. Let’s suppose that, effectively, there is a tie between the South American teams and that the Majorcan wins his tennis match, therefore you win the combined bet and also, at a higher quota than you would have won if you made a simple bet.