Card games are an integral socio-cultural aspect of the Indian subcontinent. Over the years, many card games have evolved in different regions of India. However, rummy enjoys maximum popularity among card games in India due to various reasons. Rummy is one of the central themes of many festive celebrations in different stories from Indian households. Interestingly, the rummy game is becoming more popular than action-packed games in the existing online gaming landscape. The introduction of online rummy portals brought a new wave of recognition for rummy in the Indian public. However, how did online rummy manage to surpass thrilling, action-packed games? Read on to find the answers.

Indians Know Rummy Well

The first reason for which the rummy game is popular than action-packed games is the familiarity of Indians with the game. The majority of Indians have had some sort of encounter with rummy while growing up. As the game of rummy shifted to the online platform, players found a new platform to enjoy their favorite card game.

Since players knew about rummy in advance, it was not difficult for them to adjust to the online rummy portals. The rules and gameplay of online rummy are the same as that of traditional rummy. Players only need to cope with the fast pace of online rummy and avail the thrill of an exciting adrenaline rush.

Social Acceptance

The classification of rummy as a skill-based game is also another prominent reason for its increasing popularity. Rummy is not like other card games that involve betting or gambling. Players need sharp cognitive and reasoning skills along with strong psychological acumen for playing rummy. Therefore, Indian society does not look down upon rummy, thereby encouraging more players to join online rummy portals.

Simple and Easy to Learn Rules

The easy and simple rules of the rummy game are also another notable factor that enhances their popularity over that of action-packed games. You need to know the value and ranking of different cards and the rules for melding sequences and sets.

The gameplay in rummy is very simple, and any individual could understand how to play rummy in a few simple steps. On the contrary, you may have to go through multiple rules and objectives in action-packed games, which keep changing constantly.

Easier Installation and Setup

Another notable factor that drives the popularity of the rummy game is the easier installation and setup process. You can download a desktop or mobile app of a popular online rummy portal within a few minutes.

The size of the download file is very small, and you can install it only with a few clicks. Once you are done with the installation process, you can enter your details in the required fields for completing your registration on the portal. That’s it! Now, you can play your favorite variants of rummy anytime, anywhere you want.

On the other hand, action-packed games consume more disk space and have very lengthy and complicated installation processes.


Therefore, you can clearly notice the reasons for which online rummy is becoming more popular than action-packed games. Even though action-packed games can attract a niche audience, online rummy is suitable for any interested player. Players know about the rules of rummy and can use online rummy portals to start playing with minimal efforts. If you want to play rummy, then choose a competent online rummy portal such as Rummy Passion right now!