There are dozens of reasons why you might prefer a used car to a new car. However, even after you’ve managed to decide that a used car is the perfect option for you, there are hundreds of used cars to choose from. How do you decide which used car you should buy?

Amongst the many viable options you may choose from when buying a used car, this article provides 3 of the best types of used cars which provide the best bang for the buck.

1) BMW

You could go on buying BMW 3 Series or BMW 5 Series. Both of which are good options. However, there are pros and cons of going with BMW as a used car. The big plus is that its performance and quality is second to none. The car parts and machinery used in BMW cars is of a very high standard, so it requires much less maintenance and repair as compared with other used cars.

However, the downside is that if a part does go faulty, then they are usually quite expensive and even impossible to get in some countries.

2) Audi

Audi is one of the most famed manufacturers of quality cars. If you go with a used Audi, then you can afford a much nicer vehicle at a lower price compared with other companies. They have lower depreciation rates and cars do not drastically drop in value even years after purchase.  They possess a really nice design and a luxurious look (even the older models). And the interior is made up of premium quality material and gives a very comfy experience.

On the other hand, the older models of Audi have a pretty outdated tech and there’s much difference in the tech used between the older and newer models of Audi.

3) Smart Cars

This is a pretty lucrative choice if you are tight on budget. Smart Cars have a pretty good fuel economy and handling. Even with their small size, they are quite tough and sturdy. The car was originally designed by an F1 engineer and is suited for withstanding hits and absorbing impact. The small size also makes it exceptionally valuable when there is a lack of parking space, because it can fit almost anywhere.

A downside is that they are pretty small, so they are definitely not an option in the case you have a big family or travel with friends. Also, this car is mostly designed for inter-city travel and short trips. If you plan on taking long road trips, then a Smart car should definitely not be your preferred option.

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