Mould is a type of fungus found in almost every place. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, they can thrive in humid, warm and moist areas. They can enter your house through various openings like windows, doors, air vents and air conditioners. Exposure to this fungus can have a major impact on your health if you happen to spend a lot of time in such surroundings. Mould not only affect your health but also burn a hole in your pocket by affecting basements, carpets, ceilings, and other damp areas in your house.

Battling mould isn’t easy as the fungus can affect any moist corner of your house. One of the best ways to fight it is by buying a home air purifier that filters out all the fungus from your home. If you have ever ignored the slimy black spots on your bathroom wall or kitchen drain, your health might be at risk. Here are a few negative effects that mould can have on your health:

  • Skin Allergy

Skin is a very sensitive organ. The most common effect of mould is skin rashes and irritation. When your skin is exposed to mould, you might notice light rashes, swollen skin, scales and bumps on your skin. If you notice these symptoms, you should probably go to a doctor. At the same time, don’t forget to clean the mould-affected area in your house so that you can stay safe from such skin allergies in the future.

  • Respiratory Problems

If the ventilation in your house is limited, there is a high chance that mould can grow in the moist spaces more easily. They become a part of the air you breathe. Breathing mould-affected air can cause Inflammation in the respiratory tract, nasal congestion, cough, throat irritation, wheezing and other respiratory problems. If the issue is not addressed for a long time, the minor cough problem can turn into a major health issue.

  • Make Things Worse for Asthma Patients

Asthma patients need pure and allergen-free air to breathe. They would already be going through a lot because of the disease. If they come in contact with the mould, it can make things worse for them. Asthma patients are hypersensitive to pollutants. Children are at high risk as they can develop asthma because of long-time exposure to mould.

The Ideal Solution for Mould

Your house is affected by mould if you notice patchy scales and spots on the walls. Clean the area before the condition becomes worse. The best way to tackle mould is by preventing it rather than trying to kill the fungus when it has already infected an area in your house. To prevent mould, you can buy a home air purifierthat can help you keep all the fungus and other pollutants away from your house. Many air purifiers are built with HEPA filters that filter 99.9% indoor air pollutants. An air purifier can filter out allergens and also reduces the risk of respiratory problems

Mould is very common. If you have an asthma patient in your house, you should take this issue seriously. They can have serious ill effects on your health. Keep your house free of pollutants by buying a home air purifier.