Almost every aspect of our life has been made easier through the internet from shopping to traveling. So, why not matrimony? The establishment of matrimonial websites has been hugely successful in the past decade and has managed to break the barriers of distance and communication. Estimates show that over thousands of matches are made in a year. Marrying someone you met online can be quite the daunting experience, but these websites have been significantly successful in helping one find a soul mate. It makes one wonder how this well-oiled machine of online matrimonial websites operates.

Filtering and profiling:

The first step is to register yourself on your desired matrimonial website. It is interesting to note that most of the websites are free for registering and have supremely comfortable user interfaces. For instance you can try The next is that you would be prompted to input information regarding yourself on the profile page in order to set up a profile for you. There are two aspects to your profile: one is your personal information i.e. education, occupation, family etc. and the second is your partner preferences, which the qualities that you are looking for in a partner.  Some websites have taken the high-tech route and enable the import of your interests from Facebook and other social media through which you might have registered. The website then stores your information in its large database, which is then used to make suggestions and potential matches and provide matrimonial tips. Your account and profile will be authenticated and verified in order to filter out fake profiles that can be quite a nuisance.


Once, you’ve registered you can see that multiple recommendations of several user profiles pop up, that are quite similar to your requirements and interests. This recommendations engine is a complex mass of algorithms and user data. There are two parts to the recommendation engine, the first one is the custom algorithm that each website employs to find your matches with similar interests and likes. The second is an assisting algorithm that adapts to you and your preferences and makes better recommendations in the future thus, aiding you in finding a match online.

The business model:

The business model of matrimonial websites is a strange mix of technology, science, and marketing. There is a large network of databases, business intelligence and psychological profiling that employs matching algorithms and a variety of communication technologies to ensure a smooth sailing and close to perfect matching of two users underneath these matrimonial services. The most important service is to offer up excellent matches in record time and make sure that the user is always gratified.

The business model specifics and algorithms may vary significantly from each website but the underlying skeletal architecture is the same. The extensive use of user data has now demanded the use of futuristic technologies of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like. Matches are calculated, weighted and then delivered to the end users with maximum accuracy achievable. It’s safe to say that matrimonial websites are pulling out at all stops in ensuring the perfect pairing for their clients.