The greatest advantage of the fireproof document bag is that it provides plenty of space inside where important documents and other valuables like cash and credit cards can be stored to ensure protection from fire and water.

These bags are typically sized 30cm x 40cm and are made of specialmaterials, which are built to withstand hea. Being fire-resistant bags, they ensure reliable protection of the documents that are kept inside in the case of a fire breakout.

This type of safe keeping bag can protect the documents from fire for no less than 60 minutes. These fireproof bags aredesigned with a large fire-proof to allow you to store many items for safe storage.

Keeping documents and other valuables in a fireproof bag is a cost-effective solution to protect the documents from unexpected fire as well as water damage. These bags are made of special materials that meet all the standard criteria for quality as well as performance.

Fireproof document bags are perfectly designed so that they are very compact and are easy to carry should you need to travel with valuables. fireproof bags are products of the most advanced scientific technology that ensures proper utilization of the various fire-resistant materials. bags such as these as well as fireproof wallets ensure the best practical use of this technology and thereby ensure protection of documents that are non-renewable and that cannot be substituted.

Apart from protecting various legal documents, fireproof bags are ideal to store other valuable items like cash, precious photos, electronic documents, passports, credit cards as well as laptops and hard drives.

A combination of a variety of fire-resistant materials

The best fireproof document bag is capable of withstanding temperature upto 1700 degrees F. These bags ensure that the valuables that are kept inside do not come in contact with water, fire and smoke for reasonable time duration.

The briefcase-style fireproof bags are also available which withstand temperature up to 2000 degrees F. The exterior of these bags are made of 1000 denier nylon. Some fireproof document bags include a lock and key to ensure extra security.

Fireproof bags are made using a perfect blend of different fire resistant materials so that there will be a combined effect of fire resistance. Flame resistant  materials are halogenated for making these bags.

Fire breakouts cannot be anticipated and may occurall of a sudden causing devastating effects. When people suffer injuries and buildings are partly destroyed, their important documents are also completely destroyed as a result of the fire breaking out. When the documents are adequately protected inside a fireproof bag, the documents can be saved from fire damage.

An important part of disaster management

Ensuring the security as well as protection of important documents and other valuables is a major part of preparation for emergency. Since we never know whether and when there will be a disaster it is all the more advisable to take precautions well in advance.

The best type of fireproof document bag ensures protection of the documents from fire up to 60 minutes by which time the fire-fighters will arrive and put down the fire.

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