The SahilSanstha Old Age Home offers homes to the elderly and the aged in Ajmer, a small town in Rajasthan. Revati Sharma had set up the facility so senior citizens without relatives or friends to care for them, or those who have been abandoned by their children in their old age, can have a roof over their heads, clean clothes to wear, and three square meals to eat each day. Sharma’s initiative also takes into account that geriatrics will fall sick from time to time, and has doctors visiting her inmates for health check ups and for incidences of acute illness. She arranges for the cost of healthcare, including medicines. When one of the elderly people living in the house passes away, she organizes basic last rites ceremonies, and mobilizes the cost of these events from a small group of supporters in the local community.

Yet SahilSanstha has always struggled to consistently provide these altruistic services to the aging population in and around Ajmer. Funds have been a longstanding problem, to the extent that rent for the two storey brick house that the old age home operates from, and has living quarters for its beneficiaries, is in arrears. Every passing day, the management is being forced to serve simpler and cheaper meals with gradually lessening nutritional value, to save on costs. The Home needs to equip itself with certain provisions – bedsheets, detergent, cleaning supplies, utensils. It needs to pay caregivers and domestic help who hold the operations of the Home together. In all of this, SahilSanstha is lagging behind.

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Sharma has become an expert at making a little go a long way. This applies to the scanty funds the Home has to function on, as well as material goods. But the Home’s financial crisis has reached a stage where patching temporary solutions over large scale problems is not really working anymore. Sharma’s staff are having to deal with harassment from the landlord, from local political leaders, as well as from neighbors.

The SahilSanstha Home is raising funds on crowdfunding website Impact Guru to combat these problems. They have chosen to crowdfund (with a target of INR 5 Lakhs) in order to reach the largest possible number of potential donors, and it is working! In just 17 days, 54 people have risen to the occasion to pool funds and give generously to the cause of saving the elderly.

The residents of SahilSanstha’s Home need your support to fundraise for social good. Donate today and help them scale their target.