In most states, including Minnesota; it is illegal (needless to say dangerous) to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above.

Unfortunately for many; people really try to figure out a way to trick their body sober when it is time to drive rather than recognizing when they cannot drive and finding another way home. Bar crowds and youths circulate myths and old wives tales about sobering up. What will or will not get them out of a potential DUI, what to do in the case of an accident and how certain war heros got out of this or that are often hot topics for drinkers.

Tragically, many drinkers find out the hard way that the bar room was not the best place for a legal or medical education.

How Much is Too Much and When to Stop

Essentially, the best rule is one standard drink per hour. That would be the ideal.

Unfortunately, there are all kinds of random calculations out there; and some of them may be true for the absolutely average, perfect sample case. In example, a man of about 165 pounds could be under the limit with three or four drinks in a two hour period. A woman of about 140 pounds could have two to three drinks in a two hour period. Theoretically, people weighing more could drink more and people weighing less could drink less.

There are also too many other factors that vary the above rules greatly. Age, health, if one has eaten, tolerance, emotional state, medication and the fact that cocktails, mixed drinks and most drinks are not standard will all cause blood alcohol fluctuations and differing states of impairment with the same amount of alcohol ingested in the same time period. There are too many factors to really know that one is under the limit beyond one standard drink per hour. For this reason, many think it is best not to drive at all after drinking or to buy a pocket breathalyzer for themself.

You Cannot Reduce Your BAC Through Anything But Time

We have all heard of these great ways to sober up quick. Drink coffee, eat a big meal, take a shower, exercise etc. are all great ways to feel more awake and alert but then you will be drunk, awake and slightly more alert. These are good ideas to help a person feel better, act better and stop barfing but they are not going to reduce a BAC. Nothing but time will do this.

If You Don’t Have the Keys in the Ignition…

People love to tell stories about getting away from police, parking and removing the keys before the officer could approach the window. While it’s probably worth a shot if the circumstances are right and it doesn’t appear that you are fleeing (police chases are never good). However, if an officer suspects you to be drunk, through your driving, your eyes, breath, speech, etc., the officer will be giving you a field sobriety test and breathalyzer; keys in the ignition or not.

The bottom line is; if you are drunk then you are drunk. Like many things in life, only time can make a difference.