Creating a safe, relaxing, and tranquil spa business requires tenacity, the right list of services, great spa staff, and the correct mix of tools. A mood must be set, and customer service must be paramount. Management must be well trained to handle any and all situations, motivate the employees, and be able to promote the spa’s brand. From the time a client enters the spa, through their spa treatment services, post treatment product purchases, future bookings, and to the time they receive their appointment follow up they must feel comfortable and calm. Key factors that must be attended to include finding and playing relaxing music, hiring friendly staff, providing an array of services with the appropriately skilled staff, creating the proper ambiance per service, and solving clients’ spa needs.

First, relaxing music and creating the right ambiance is a must! Many spas allow their masseuses, estheticians, and other spa technicians to play their own relaxing music. However, this may not work across the board and may cause your employees to spend time searching and creating playlists when they could be using it to follow up with clients, product and service research, or other more necessary tasks. Another reason why this is not the best option is when there are multiple spa locations. There must be consistency so no matter which location a customer is having their service at, they will have the same guaranteed experience. Have this task assigned to a spa director or manager, have then create playlists for up to a couple months at a time so the same music doesn’t play over and over, and then have them distribute it to each location with instructions on use.

Next, hiring and scheduling friendly staff is a high priority. Spa employees must be well qualified, and versed in customer service. Many spa treatments are personal and take the right kind of communication to make clients feel comfortable. Use a spa employee scheduling software to keep track of training and when certain employees need to renew their licensing. Friendly staff members are with the client from the time they enter the door, to the time clients book their next appointment. Management has to ensure their medical spa shift scheduling reflects providing attentive service, gives the proper breaks to staff, and assigns the right staff member to the right shift and service so they are never keeping clients waiting.

Last, it is important for spa business’ bottom lines to sell clients products after their services. Spa staff must be trained to sell products, but to do it in a way that maintains the spa’s atmosphere and keeps customers feeling comfortable. Offering products that were used in services is apparent, but spas can also offer complimentary products as well to gain more revenue. Once products have been purchased, it is important for spa staff to make sure clients’ needs is met, and to get them scheduled for the next appointment.

Spas must create the right atmosphere in line with their brand, hire the right staff and ensure they maintain their training and licensing requirement, and must also be profitable. By combining the three categories above spas can put their best foot forward, engage with clients, and create a profitable and popular spa business. Management plays a very important role to keep employees on brand, provide great customer service, stay up-to-date with the latest spa service offerings, provide employee trainings, and offer top of the line products.