If you’ve spent lots of time and effort working on your garden, so you want to ensure that everyone can see it, no matter what time of day it is. To get the right effect, you’ll need the right lighting in order to highlight areas of the garden. Here’s how you can light your garden and really show it off to the best effect.

Light The Path

If you have paths in your garden, you’ll need to light them up so people can find their way in the dark. This is essential if you’re looking to hold gatherings in your garden, and you have guests that aren’t as familiar with the garden as you are.

Try planting solar panel lights along your paths, so they can gather power during the day and then light up at night. You’ll have your paths lit up clearly to keep them safe, and the garden will look beautiful with the extra lights.

Don’t Forget The Ground Lights

Ground lights are essential in your garden when you’re using it in the dark. Putting lights under obstacles on the ground will ensure that your garden is safe, and also they’ll highlight areas that you want others to see. Under lighting bushes and other features will look amazing at night. Look for outdoor ground lighting at lighting stores like Lampwise and you’ll see lots of options available to you.

Try Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are delicate and easy to drape over objects, giving your garden a whimsical touch when you want to add in softer lighting. It’s easier than ever to find fairy lights too, that will work outdoors. Look for outdoor lights that come with a solar panel that can be planted into the ground, out of the way.

You’ll have lots of options too when it comes to the shape and design of the lights. Popular designs include paper lanterns and dragonflies, but you’ll be able to find any shape you want if you shop around.

Use LED Lights

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to your light bulbs. The best bulbs for your garden are LED lights. This is because when you turn them on they’re instantly bright, perfect to light the way around the garden for your guests. They’re also low power, so you won’t be spending more money on your electricity bills.

Add-In Hanging Lights

Do you have a patio or seating area that needs lighting? Why not add in a hanging light, such as a chandelier? These work well if there’s something to hang it off, such as a trellis or roof over your seating area. This adds a lot of class to your garden with very little effort.

There are lots of ways you can light your garden, so use these tips to light your garden the way you want to. Pick out the lights that you love, and highlight your hard work and show off your garden. Show your guests just how beautiful your landscaping is.