A car accident is a horrific experience that no one would ever wish to encounter. And the fact that it’s an unforeseen event makes it far more horrifying. This is because you don’t even get a chance to prepare for the worst thus leaving you in limbo about what will be your fate once the accident occurs. Whether you make it out alive, injured or unscratched is a puzzle that is far beyond your imagination to solve. However, if you are fortunate to make it out safe but with a damaged car, it’ll be up to the insurance company to handle the damages to the car. But you will require a car appraisal Winnetka CA first before filing an insurance claim.

Why do you require car appraisal after an accident?

Having your damaged car appraised after an accident is aimed at establishing its fair value. The action gives the insurer an idea of how much it will cost to get the damaged car fixed. Meanwhile, in some cases, the cost of fixing the car might turn out to be far more expensive than the actual cost of the car. Therefore when you find yourself in a situation like this, what the insurance company will do is to ensure that you get paid for the actual worth of your car.

Car appraisal procedure

Once you are involved in an accident the ideal move to make is to first of all report the accident to your insurer. Once the report is lodged, the insurer quickly sends its claim adjusters to the accident scene to appraise the vehicle. Usually, when the team arrives you will be asked a couple of questions aimed at unraveling the cause of the accident. The team after that proceeds to inspect the damaged car.

Bear in mind that what car appraisal seeks to achieve in this context is getting a perfect picture of the level of damage that the car has experienced during the accident. It also seeks to determine how much it’s going to cost to have the car restored to its initial condition before the accident. Note that, whatever amount that will be paid to you as the claim is subject to car appraisal Winnetka CA.

Also bear in mind that, your damaged car can be written off as a total loss in a situation where the damage to the car is so severe that it’s going to cost more than the actual worth of the car to get fixed to its initial condition. However, in such situation, the car owner should accept the insurer payment for your car’s worth. Because trying to fix the damage will definitely be an unwise call from a financial angle. However, be assured that you won’t be short changed as your insurer is bound by law to offer you a fair claim.

In conclusion, if for any reason you feel short-changed after the appraisal by your insurer you can request to have your own independent car appraisal Winnetka CA examine the car.