For starters, you need to know that you’ve free crm tools for both small businesses and big ones. For the small-scale entrepreneurs, you can rely on Really Simple Systems CRM. It’s famous free version supports at least two users. It also includes document management, sales pipelines integration and management, and reporting functionalities and contact management. Its USP is API integration. The system lets you connect with various other applications, which include project management and accounting. You can use this CRM tool to handle more than 50 API calls every day. The RSS CRM’s paid version offers superb access control, single sign-on, advanced reports and marketing different automation functions. However, that’s something big businesses will be keen on having.

Exploring the benefits

Its product customizations are really awesome. The features can customize numerous data fields in is core contact database, reports, and opportunities and accounts. The tool can also find the functionality of task management in an effective manner. It can also effectively manage customer interactions. To know the crm price, you need to know the cost of upgrading this application. You can find three upgrade packages from vendors. These are Starter plan, professional plan and the last one is Enterprise. The first Starter plan starts at $15 per month for one user.

Management of faculty

Deft faculty management software, such as HRMS is the best example.

  • You can integrate the software with a RFID-powered or biometric attendance device. The system can keep track of the staff’s in and out times.
  • It helps enhancing the administration in numerous ways.
  • First and foremost, it tracks the actual or real-time presence or attendance of each faculty.
  • The second benefit is that the tool automatically creates the respective salaries by imbibing and applying every specific regulation in the institution. These include late marks, half-days, leaves, etc.
  • The third benefit is that it maintains thorough transparency, ensuring that nobody can hamper or tamper with your data.
  • Lastly, the system generates precise and accurate reports about date maintenance in an instant.

Accurate generation of numerous MIS reports

One of the main uses of an updated faculty management system is that it can create and percolate any type of MIS report instantly and accurately. The combination of pace and accuracy is not possible in a manual method. Only with faculty management software, you can get your reports fast. Various accrediting or/and governing bodies require MIS reports. They could be in any format. You need to remember that generating reports related to the faculty may take days or even weeks to deliver. Even then, you cannot vouch for the authenticity, precision and accuracy of the report. There will still be certain questionable areas. On the contrary, a system-powered report can provide you with both accuracy and speed. You can obtain it instantly and nobody can challenge the data it contains. It’s based on hardcore facts, which your engine registers. The database is error-free. All these factors have contributed to the rise of automated software and faculty and student information tools in today’s era.