A Brief History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture as a medicinal treatment for physical ailments may have begun somewhere around 100 B.C. in China. It involves the use of delicate needles to enervate and invigorate various body systems to increase the body’s ability to self-regulate pain or treat other illness within the body. While some of our western medicine does not recognize the benefits of acupuncture, many individuals and medical communities support the low-risk use of acupuncture to treat patients. It was only a matter of time before the method became available for veterinarians.

How Acupuncture Applies To Veterinary Medicine

Acupuncture for pets involves the insertion of small needles as well. Most pets rarely react to the needles, so don’t worry about that. Our trained professionals use only the safest and most effective treatments. We use pet acupuncture for many of the same reasons that acupuncture is used for people: for the treatment of pain, disease, and stimulation of the body’s own systems for treating illness. This is a safe, cost-effective method of treatment that helps many pets recover their best health after illness, injury, following the birth of offspring. and as a treatment for symptoms related to aging.

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We always recommend that you understand as much as you can about any procedure we suggest or which you may have heard about. Your pet depends on you to make the smartest choices you can regarding their care, and we stand ready to provide the information you need to make those choices. No matter what procedure we perform, we want you to know that it is well researched, performed by trained staff, and that every consideration is given to your pet’s health and well being. When considering acupuncture for pets you might ask these questions:

  • Is acupuncture done under anesthesia?
  •  Who will perform it??
  • What helpful results should I look for?
  • How long do results last, and how often is the procedure done?
  • Are there side effects or possible risks?
  • What follow-up care is recommended?

Our Services To You And Your Pet

Our routine acupuncture for pets is done in state-of-the-art facilities and with highly qualified veterinary specialists and support staff. We believe in supporting our community and this includes pets as well as people. Our attention to detail and keeping abreast of the latest procedures ensures that your pet experiences the safest, most reliable treatments that will improve their condition, help them heal, and live a more productive life. We love animals and we have dedicated our lives to understanding a variety of animals, their life stages, their health issues, nutrition needs, and behavioral abilities. We support pet owners and their love for their pets!


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