Before the use of the internet became so commonplace, it was the norm for people to visit a lottery retailer, stand in line, fill out lines on a ticket slip and then make the purchase. They then had to wait for the televised draw to know the results. To some this was an easy way of participating in the lottery because there was no other alternative whereas some found it too much of a hassle and chose not to participate altogether. The concept of online lottery has made things a lot easier in some ways, but some people it is more complicated as there is an extensive range of games and features now on offer and this can be confusing for some.

There are some key differences between online and offline lotteries and people can weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding which way to go. Listed below are the top 4 ways in which online and offline lotteries differ:

Difference 1: The buying process

One of the major differences that we have seen in online and offline lotteries is in the way you buy the tickets. Playing offline means that you have to get the lottery tickets from an authorized lottery retailer or seller whereas online tickets are bought from a website. Online lotteries are played by millions of people because it is easier to buy tickets this way. But, there are also some players who may prefer the traditional way because they don’t want to deal with the process of making an account, providing verification and adding a payment method. However, this doesn’t take very long and is only a one-time deal.

Difference 2: Alerts and safety

Another significant difference between online and offline lottery is the level of safety and assurance they offer. When you are buying your ticket from a shop and you end up losing it, it can be very difficult to prove that you have won and you may lose the prize as well. Similarly, even if you have the ticket and it is not lost or stolen, but you forget to check the results of the draw, you may not get your prize. This is because there is a specific time period within which the claim has to be made and if it passes, the prize is rolled over.

On the other hand, when you are purchasing your tickets online, you can rest assured that there is a permanent digital record of every transaction and numbers. Moreover, when you participate online, you also receive email alerts within 24 hours of winning a prize and the funds are usually transferred directly to your account. The only exception happens if you win a jackpot in which case the prize may have to be claimed in person or you may get it by cheque.

Difference 3: Availability of features

The problem with offline lottery is that it is very limited in the number of features it has to offer, but the same cannot be said for online lottery options. Playing online gives you access to a wide array of features. Firstly, you can actually store and replay tickets. There are various games in which you can save your numbers and then use them for your favorite draws. Subscription services are available that sign you up for the next few draws, which means you don’t have to worry about entering again and again as your entry will be made automatically.

You can also opt to use random numbers at the click of a single button. This function may also be available in offline lotteries, but only a few stores can give you this choice. Also, selecting random numbers is far easier online because you just have to click and nothing more. Last, but not the least, playing the lottery online also means that you get to play at any time and even when you are on the go. For offline lottery, there are a set number of hours during which you can buy your tickets at the store. This means if you want to buy tickets on the last day and at night, you may not get the chance to enter the draw.

Online lottery offers you the convenience of playing when you choose and this has gotten easier than ever with mobile apps because this means that you can participate while on your daily commute or your lunch break, whatsoever.

Difference 4: The number of games

Amongst the various differences between online and offline lotteries, this can be a prominent one. With offline lotteries, players have the option of participating only in the games and lotteries that are available locally. Sure, there are scratch cards options and raffles, but they are limited in number. In contrast, there are no worries about geographical boundaries in online lotteries and you can play any game ranging from the US Powerball to the SuperEnalotto. It is completely up to you what lottery you want to play and you can take a shot at the highest jackpots if you wish.

Difference 5: Lottery syndicates

If you take a look at the statistics, you will notice that lottery syndicates win a big percentage of jackpot prizes each year. Therefore, it is a given that every lottery player would want to join a syndicate in order to boost their odds and this can be done for both online and offline lotteries. In the case of online lotteries, you don’t have to actually make a syndicate as there are some established ones that can be found online. You just have to join and get a chance to win a prize.

In offline lottery, however, you will have to form a syndicate with your friends and family or your coworkers. This may sound simple enough, but it can be a big responsibility as you have to get the members together, collect the cash and then manage and distribute the prize too.

You can do a comparison and decide what lottery option works better for you and then go ahead and play.