Women are fond of buying gold jewellery as it serves the two purposes of investment and gratification. They buy heavy jewellery and keep it in the locker for safekeeping, only to take it out on a few select occasions. The designs may become old and out-dated down the lane. You could have old designs of gold bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings and a variety of other pieces, which you probably will not wear again. What do you do with these? The old gold can be exchanged for new with the latest and more practical designs for everyday use.

Are you thinking of exchanging your old gold jewellery? Make sure you have taken care of a few things before you go ahead with your decision. The below few tips will get you the best deals without any hassle.

  •  Keep Track of Gold Rates

We suggest that you follow the gold rate trends for a minimum of a week. Take an informed decision before you go to exchange your ornaments. Exchange them when the gold rates have touched the peak. This will ensure maximum benefit for you.

Do not rush to exchange your jewellery. If the gold rates are dipping, it is not the right time to sell off your jewellery. If it has stayed in the locker for long, there’s no harm in keeping it for a few more days.

  • Sort Out Your Jewellery

Sort out your gold jewellery by pieces, which contain only gold and those that have additional gemstones or pearls encrusted in them. Exchange the pieces without any adornments to get the best returns.

If you try to sell gold jewellery with embellishments, you will not get anywhere close to the value you might have paid for when buying them. That is because when you sell gold, the additional stones are considered as nothing but impurities in gold.

  • Save Your Bills

When you buy gold, make it a practice to keep the invoice with you. Save the bill till you have the gold jewellery listed on it. When you go to sell, you will be able to check the authenticity of the weight of gold against the invoice. This will save you from getting cheated by the jeweller during the exchange. Once you have exchanged the gold jewel, ensure that you get the bills with all the details of the exchange. 

  • Buy Jewellery with Purity Mark

Whenever you buy jewellery, it is advisable to check if it has the purity marking on it. It will always be easier to exchange that later. If you wish to exchange gold jewellery without its purity mark, we suggest you visit a jeweller who has a carat meter so that you can get the jewellery evaluated. The purpose of this device is to measure the purity of gold.

Once the purity of the gold is ascertained, you will be able to get the price worth the value of the gold declared for that day at that time.

  • Suit Your Style

Once the valuation of your gold jewel is done, you would know how much worth of new jewellery you can purchase. Take your time and choose new and contemporary jewellery to suit your style. The style that you choose should be coherent with personal style.

Follow all the above tips to ensure that you get the right rates while exchanging gold jewellery without getting deceived.