Most travelers visiting New Zealand will no doubt be heading to the North Island. This region packs all of the aspects campervan enthusiasts love about the New Zealand open road. You have many miles of unspoiled beaches and panoramic ocean views. You have lush forests and many types of diverse terrain. You also have a fine combination of rugged outdoor scenery and urban delights that will give you the best of both NZ worlds all in one journey. So hit the road campervan hire new zealand style and explore the North Island while on your trip. You surely won’t regret it, and make sure to check out these locations on your route.


New Zealand’s largest city will impress you from the moment you witness the beautiful skyline set against the sweeping ocean as you approach. This is easily one of the most beautiful cities you will ever witness, and it offers a lot more than just its looks. Here you will find a bustling, vibrant scene with a multitude of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife to explore. This is not to mention the public beaches that line the ocean side, meaning you can get in a good beach day while in town and then head out for a nice night in the city.

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand and its surrounding islands were formed by volcanoes, and you can get a good taste for these still active natural wonders at Tongariro National Park. Hiking in this area is a truly unique experience. You can wonder amongst volcanic rocks and still-smoldering springs that will make it seem as if you are hiking on a different planet. The 360 degree views are outstanding at the higher points, giving you an idea of the full scope of this otherworldly region. No trip through the North Island is complete without witnessing Tongariro, so definitely make sure to pencil this one in.

Waitomo Caves


Just underneath the surface of the North Island lies an unbelievable network of caves that runs for many miles. You can get a look at this wondrous subterranean paradise at Waitomo Caves, an experience you certainly won’t soon forget. Here you can take an amazing guided boat tour through the miles of underground caverns, admiring strange rock formations and of course the Caves’ main attraction, the glowworms. There are literally thousands of glowworms lining the walls of this cave, making for one of the most gorgeous and peaceful sights you will ever see. Moving through these channels by boat is an eerily calm experience and one that you should definitely plan for when in the region.

Bay Of Islands

When you think of a tropical paradise, you most likely think of a terrain very similar to the Bay Of Islands just off the coast by Auckland. This chain of unspoiled tropical islands truly is a sunny paradise and you will no doubt fall in love with the terrain from the moment you see the sweeping panoramic ocean views, the sandy white beaches, and the miles of palm forest. Spending a day island hopping is an entirely pleasurable experience, or you could just find a stretch of beach that suits you and settle in for a nice beach day. You can also hike along the coastline or explore the surrounding palm forest. It won’t take long for you to see why this terrain has been attracting campervan hire new zealand travellers for many decades.



Just like Auckland, Wellington is a major metropolis well worth exploring as you pass through the region. This is a very young and hip city featuring many young professionals, artists, and business owners forming a laid back and vibrant community with much opportunity for dining  and shopping. The city sits right on a harbour and features stunning views and an amazing skyline. Standing on the harbour at sunset is an absolute must, and you can take advantage of the many services offering harbour boat rides if you really want to get a good look at the skyline and miles of ocean beyond. Featuring friendly locals, stunning views, great architecture, and plenty of action, Wellington is a known urban oasis welcoming many travellers passing through the region.

Rotura Thermal Springs


If you’re weary and sore from all that time on the road, not to mention all the hiking and walking you have been doing on the North Island, then treat yourself to a soak in the soothing thermal baths at Rotura. These natural baths are heated by volcanic water rich in minerals and have been known to have powers of healing and revival for travellers and locals alike.

New Zealand’s North Island is easily one of the top road trip destinations in the world. Any serious traveller should definitely keep this wondrous and diverse land high on their list of to-dos. You will never forget a campervan hire new zealand journey, so make sure to plan a trip for the near future.