Kevlar? Wooly Mammoth Tooth? Rare Gems? Or perhaps something more traditionally classic, like sterling silver? All of these are some of the materials that make up the men’s luxury jewelry from William Henry. Choose from William Henry’s line of designer jewelry for men to get the best gift for the man with a taste for the finer things, but with an edgy aesthetic.

If you want to “buy American,” William Henry is the brand for men who want timeless personal style that is homegrown. The jewelry, writing instruments, cufflinks, money clips, and pocket knives sold by William Henry are superbly stylish and functional.

These are some of the reasons the man in your life may choose William Henry’s men’s luxury necklaces, among others:

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A-List Celebrity Style

Nick Jonas, Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio: these are just a few of the man who have worn the men’s luxury necklaces sold by William Henry. In fact, Jared Leto recently wore the William Henry Faith pendant for FLAUNT Magazine. This necklace is an extraordinary rosary that is made from sterling silver, and the aforementioned 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth. This fossil mammoth tooth and dinosaur bone is one of the most exotic materials that is offered by William Henry.

Upping Their Fashion Game

Some men want to style themselves not just after an A-list celebrity, but to better their own personal style. After all, men’s jewelry isn’t just something for rock stars and bikers to look hip. Look no further than William Henry to up your fashion game. When thinking about taking your personal style to the next level, think not just about the personal sport jacket or trousers, but the details, as well. This is where accessories (primarily jewelry) comes into play.

But Where to Start?

Many men are introduced to jewelry and accessories starting with bracelets. While bracelets are fun and exciting and can even be layered, necklaces are where it’s at. The chic, hip pendants offered by William Henry are the perfect addition to any man’s jewelry collection.

By Why William Henry?

And all the jewelry from William Henry has a story. Designers love to tell stories – maybe not all the jewelry you find in a department store will be as special, because it doesn’t have materials imbued with a special story from a diligent designer.

Men choose William Henry for its frequent use of hand-forged metals, rare materials, beautiful yet subtle and not glittery accessories, and more. Browse William Henry’s online store to learn more about what we can offer the special man in your life who has a flair for style.