Are you designing your living room? This is the room where the entire family comes together to relax and have some fun. Therefore, it is a given that you want the space to be warm, welcoming and comfortable. While everyone has a different idea of what a good living room design is, there are some essentials that should be added to complete the look. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Comfortable seating

You have to have comfortable seating in the living room. Whether you plan to use it as a family room, for entertaining guests or for relaxing and reading, you need to have something to sit on. Again, there are plenty of options like stylish chairs and relaxing recliners, ottoman, sofa or a love seat.

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  • Lamps

These are important because, yes you need light, but also for creating visual interest in the room without spending too much. They offer soft lighting as opposed to harsh lighting from fixtures and this creates a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Rug

Area rugs can be great for adding warmth and softness in a living room with hardwood floors. It should feel cozy under the feet to make the room inviting.

  • Accent pillows and throw

Pillows a good choice for adding some vibrancy in the room, especially when you go with bold colors. A throw helps you in getting comfortable and warm when you intend to curl up with your favorite book.

  • Sentimental items

You can give the living room a personal touch by adding a sentimental item like a photograph or a gift from a loved one.