Gone are the days when people used to manually email other business enterprise. Living in digital world has its perks and one of the perks include numerous email marketing tools for B2B businesses:

But what exactly are email marketing tools?

In technical terms, email marketing tools are known as ESPs. Email Service Providers are platforms which manage your emails and email marketing campaigns.

Email is such a powerful source of access. It is affordable, effective and gives you a platform to be creative and engage your ideal customer profiles. There are many strategies which you can take and trialing alternative times, subject lines, messages, content inclusions, links and cadence lengths. But building you campaign around a productive and insight ful tool will enhance the overall impact of the process.

The following are the most popular ESPs:

  1. Constant Contact

Starting with as small base price as $15/month, ‘Constant Contact’ is a an affordable, yet automated email marketing platform that comes with both, free coaching & online education for its customers.

  1. MailChimp

The best thing about MailChimp is its automation and ease of usage. Aside from sending emails, you get hands on real time analytics.

If your business has less than 2000 subscribers, you can send 12,000 emails to them in a month, free of cost. To upgrade a package, price depends upon your subscribers.

  1. HubSpot

Hubspot is a full featured marketing platform, which also works as an ESP. Email marketing advantages include automation, personalization, advanced analytics, content management and lead generation tools.

There are multiple packages which can be availed. They range from $200 – $2400 per month.

  1. Campaign Monitor

Similar to a website builder, ‘Campaign Monitor’ is awesome for its ready to use email designs. Unique as well as user friendly, custom fields, ALM (automatic list management) and 100+ user integration make it a poplar marketing choice, in terms of handling subscribers.

  1. Pardot

A premium ESP which provides automation, personalization and A/B testing. You can avail Pardot in the range of $1000 – $3000 per month.

  1. Exact Target

A highly scalable and comprehensive email marketing tool which works on multi channels. Through ‘Exact Target’, marketers can build a single view of customers, allowing marketers to send personalized emails on different devices, through different channels.

Getting the Best of Email Marketing Tools

A lot of companies use different ESPs to make their business shine but lack of usage makes them blow cash as well as does not help them generate efficient result.

Take the following measures to outshine your competition:

  1. Objective

‘Low aim is a crime’. You simply cannot spend your marketing budget, without having a definite aim of conversion and reaching towards a particular goal, which would enhance your business.

Make multiple large aims and divide them into shorter objectives:

  1. Hiring a Person/Team to Monitor ESP

Many ESPs are automated but it never hurts to monitor them. After all, a software is not human and it may misbehave.

With regular monitoring, you will get important insight about success of your email marketing via analytics.

  1. Lists and Group Lists

You don’t send random emails to random people. You make lists and send them emails. Based upon data obtained from emailing and knowing particular type of people, you classify them into different categories.

You can then, treat each group as a different sample and infer marketing results based upon success of your marketing campaign, their response, their feedback and other similar factors.