Digital marketing can be perhaps one of the best and worst tools to gaining traction for your business. On one end, it has a great ROI for the amount of investment you put in, boosting both your audience and revenue. However, if you don’t know how to approach or conduct these strategies, then it can sometimes feel as though you’re just spinning your wheels. And no matter if you feel as though you have a good grasp on this stuff or not, today I’m going to walk through a few helpful tips on how to garner a much more robust audience online. Check them out below:

Utilize Social Proof

As one of the oldest marketing tactics out, social proof is still, by far, an incredibly effective strategy to building your audience. Basically, this is when you use the authority of a celebrity, customer, or noteworthy industry figure to talk about your product or service. While it sounds simple, this is a strategy that’s proven to yield excellent results, because as noted by HubSpot, 66 percent of consumers trust online reviews, which goes to show how it can be an awesome strategy to build authority.

To get started with your social proof, try and pull any previous testimonials you may have in the backlog. Whether it be former clients you’ve worked with or customers that have commented on your website, find quotes that highlight different parts of your process or product. For example, if you provide a service, then a success story about the process of working with you or the results that came afterward could be helpful. The goal is to have a well-rounded dialogue that exemplifies where your strengths lie, continuing to build a reputation over time.

Emulate Case Studies

Another great way to build your brand’s audience is by studying case studies to see what type of strategy others implemented, as well as how you can utilize a similar process yourself. Particularly in fields where you might need some improvement, seeing how others have been able to produce quality results will give you a foundation you can build from. Even if that company isn’t within your industry or field, they still can be a good reference point to learn from, which you should start looking out for ASAP.

An excellent example of capitalizing on case studies is with social media, which as noted by Hootsuite, on which nearly 83 percent of Americans have some sort of account. Although most of us have a basic idea on how to use social media for our business, the actual growing of an audience and landing more sales is an entirely different process. However, by taking a look at how others have done it, you can start to get a feel for best practices. For instance, the independent film People You May Know implemented a social strategy for their film’s release that highlighted the engagement aspect of the movie. All-in-all, try to look at how these practices can work for you, as it’ll be one of the best ways to boost your audience.

Simplify Your Website

If there’s one thing that can absolutely hurt your online presence, it’s having a bad website. Although most of us assume that our current site is probably fine, there are a lot of factors that go into the user experience, especially on mobile. In fact, according to Impact Bound, approximately 52 percent of users stated that a bad user experience on mobile would make them less likely to engage with a company. And if your website doesn’t offer the best experience on any device, then it might be time to revise your design.

Take a look at your website on every device that you can, noting if there are any discrepancies between them. Additionally, try looking at some other sites in seeing what they do well that you might be able to emulate. For example, Angee does an excellent job of keeping their content concise, while visually showcasing their device. Start looking at your website from this angle and work with a designer that can help you maximize your offerings. Remember, your website is the hub for nearly all your traffic, so make it something worth the investment.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Finally, as a practice that’s guaranteed to help with search rankings, SEO has been an absolutely dominating force for digital marketing. According to Search Engine People, 60 percent of clicks go to the top three websites listed in Google’s search results, meaning that with the right strategy regarding keywords and meta tags, you can get more traffic coming to your store.

For example, if I’m a coffee shop that specializes in Irish Coffees, then utilizing the key terms of “Irish coffee + (whatever city you’re in)” as much as I could on my site will boost the results when someone searches for them. Think of what terms you want to use in this regard, as SEO is a process you should continuously keep up with.

What are some strategies you’re excited to use in boosting your brand’s online presence? Comment with your insights below!